When my mom starting sharing the news that I would be moving overseas, people were sometimes puzzled. "Kate," they'd say, "isn't she the quiet one?"

Yes, that's me. The introvert with a few social anxiety qualms.

I never found the big move that surprising, though.

In Fellowship of the Ring, as Frodo is just setting out on his journey, Gildor says to him "Courage is found in unlikely places." Perhaps, it is surprising that a person who, on the surface, seems so reserved should feel the need to go to faraway islands by herself. Bravery is not always brash and boisterous. Often, there is a quiet, unexpected courage hidden beneath a person's surface. That's the sort of courage that stirs me up and sends me out to my own unlikely places. 

I call it the Neville Longbottom Factor.


Hi! My name is Kate Royce. I am a twenty-five year old educator living and working in Indonesia. I teach at Sekolah Pelita Harapan's Sentul City campus in a fourth grade classroom. I am also a graduate student at Biola University pursuing a MAEd in Curriculum and Instruction. Being in school feels like being home to me. I love teaching the same way I love learning. Through my work, I want to bear witness to God's beauty and goodness while discovering more of it.

After a semester student teaching in South Africa, I felt compelled to visit international schools because of how it has broadened my perspective on education and helped me hone my craft as a teacher. We have so much to offer each other.

I started this site to keep my friends and family stateside up to date on my goings-on. I'm notoriously bad at social media and generally find most online platforms to be a bit anxiety inducing. So, blogging is a nice alternative because it allows me to play by my own rules. I hope to use this space to write about my experiences teaching and traveling, but this could also end up being something I try once and quickly give up. I hope not. Fingers crossed.